Mostra Convegno Expocomfort – Milan – 13-16 March 2018.

MCE symbolizes the fullest synthesis of housing comfort in the future. Essence lies at its core and represents the soul of living pleasure.

The group’s target is to face the environmental issue at 360°.

The proposal that Hidem Group presents at MCE 2018 reflects both the variety and the wide range of products that it can offer, characterized by the specificity of each individual company, but also the answers to the issues that the new and most recent directives and regulations in the sector have introduced.

The projects presented at Mostra Convegno in particular, focus on two main themes, both strictly regulated by binding directives in the European Community:

1 – EFFICIENCY, the group presents a complete range of INVERTER units in heat pump version for a range covering applications from domestic to residential and tertiary sectors, reaching powers that, in tandem version, reach over 120 kW, one of the
highest powers available on the market today for this type of applications.

2 – USE OF ALTERNATIVE REFRIGERANTS. The group’s proposal is quite varied and focuses on three different proposals:

  • Low greenhouse gas coefficient HFO refrigerants for medium to large power ratings.
  • New low flammability refrigerants for heat pumps.
  • Propane:  a natural refrigerant that has a very low environmental impact.

The Hidem Group‘s targets and future projects are certainly in the direction of the use of natural gas.

The biggest challenge in the coming years will be to create heat pump systems with a greenhouse effect and almost zero global warming.

At today, technology is not ready yet for this type of results, but the prototypes presented at the fair are moving in this direction.