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EMIBYTE was born from the sinergy between professionals with specific roles and skills, built over time and forged by experience, who combine and integrate to offer a wide and incredibly complete service from air dehumidification to refrigeration to industrial and residential air conditioning.
It is this human capital that is the winning lever of Hidem Group.

Emicon “EMIBYTE” direct expansion cooling series is equipped with the most advanced industry technology, designed and tested in the Emicon laboratories guaranteeing precise cooling of data centers and server rooms.
It is equipped with R410A refrigerant, which ensures high levels of efficiency.

Emicon EMIBYTE also includes new generation of 2.0 EC fans that ensure maximum energy efficiency. The complete design of the unit was further optimized with enhanced heat exchangers ensuring an overall high level of efficiency and conditioning capacity. In addition, EMIBYTE range of CRAC units also includes new EC Inverter Scroll compressor technology , which makes it an ideal solution able to expand hand in hand with business needs.

A dedicated range

Technical features

  • New foot print
  • Cabinet frame with special insulated panels
  • Special design allumium condesing coil.
  • Humidfier with Infrared technology (upon request)
  • New Touch screen
  • Electrical panel complete with control and safety devices
  • G4-class efficinecy air filters with dirty filter alert.
  • Supply & Return air temperature sensor
  • Electronic – EC Fans
  • R410A scroll compressors with Inverter too
  • Electronic expansion valve with SysDrive system
  • Three-way control valves
  • RS485 Modbus bus card
  • Several interface combinations with Bacnet, Ethernet, LAN network, DCIM
  • New COP Enhancer technology by Emicon for better EER and PUE
  • Stand-By logic & Rotation Mode (Sleep mode) functionality
  • Special double power (redoundancy) supply from-to UPS


EMIBYTE Close Control air-conditioning, fits new Electronic graphic user interface essential for the correct operation of Information Technology equipment: processing and storage devices produce heat that needs to be removed in order to maintain optimum operating conditions, while at the same time ensuring minimum energy consumption

The high level supervision of multiple EMIBYTE units allows them to work together as a single and harmonized system optimizing room temperature and humidity.

Most of the main interface protocols (MODBUS, LONWORK, BACNET) are available and Emicon R&D remains at full disposal of any customer for further implementation.

Emibyte COP Enhancer

EMIBYTE COP Enhancer è lo strumento che interviene in maniera intelligente nelle performance della gestione del raffreddamento scegliendo la giusta porzione di aria o di refrigerante coinvolti nel sistema per creare le condizioni ottimali per ridurre l’intero consumo energetico del circuito. Il nuovo software implementato da Emicon per la gamma EMIBYTE aiuterà le aziende installatrici ad avere precise metriche di controllo come EER, PUE e altri importanti parametri di funzionamento per l’ottimizzazione del loro utilizzo quotidiano.

New electronic control

  • Innovative control of the temperature as combined-action, which acts both on the return and on the supply with two-stage process.
  • Management of inverter compressor (BLDC)
  • Fine humidity regulation.
  • Advanced management of electronic fans.
  • Complete management of the remote condenser.
  • Possibility of managing a network of up to 16 units.
  • Duty/stand-by rotation modality.
  • Possibility to regulate all units from the master unit temperature probe.
  • Possibility with a single remote display, to access the operating parameters of each unit present in the plant.
  • Alarm history for each unit, up to a maximum of 64 alarms.
  • Energy Ventilation function that allows to keep only the digital and analogue output (0-10V) of the supply fan active at a settable value.
  • “Night/Day” operating mode: this function will allow you to establish different operations between the daily and the night phase. With this function it is possible to reduce the acoustic impact, as it can be activated according to the site needs.
  • Graphic user interface fitted as standard.

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