Your air, our passion

Company specialized in dehumidification and humidification of the air, since 2001 Hidros designs, develops, manufactures and tests condensation and dehumidification systems with refrigerant cycle, heat pumps and water chillers.

A know-how able to collect the benefits of experience, shaped in many years of presence on the market and built with a” problem solving” attitude.

Everyday Hidros keeps its mission alive thanks to the strength of ideas: the continuous development of new projects for special products not only meets the demands of the increasing competitive market, but also gives the company the opportunity to explore all the ways leading to innovation.

In a liquid and strongly changing market, flexibility becomes a great value. This is the reason why today, Hidros is able to cover the production demand with a dehumidification capacity from 25 to 3000 litres/24h, cooling and heating capacities from 5 to 900 kW. At the same time it shows a great capacity to adapt the units to the actual needs of the customer.

Hidros has a potential of expertise and enthusiasm that is conveyed through a large, flexible and specialised team, spread across many branches around the world.

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