Innovation and Comfort

A versatile company, a historical reality which is today part of an important group.

Thanks to its experience and to the wide technical background of the designers, Emicon is one of the most advanced manufacturers of air conditioners for the residential, industrial, process and data center air conditioning market. It designs, manufactures and distributes chillers, precision air conditioners, roof tops, heat pumps and special conditioners to answer all the special needs, thanks to the ability to produce personal solutions.

Emicon’s “Innovation and Comfort” promise is a combination widely appreciated in Italy and internationally thanks to projects for Great Works, Calculation Centers, Banks and air-conditioning works for Museums and Galleries, where the preservation of works of extreme value require very sophisticated air-conditioning solutions.

It is not a coincidence that since 1984 the company has earned the distinction of “avant-garde” reality because it has been able to take care of its presence on the market: it has continuously updated its knowledge, built a network of different and complementary skills, widened its production range to ensure a more complete offer than ever before, it has developed a flexible and dynamic attitude in order to satisfy all the customers needs.

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